We understand that your pets are part of your family, and their safety is a top priority. That’s why we offer stress-free, at-home microchipping services in Stafford to ensure your pet’s safety.

Dog, Cat & Rabbit Microchipping in Stafford: Safe, Quick & Minimally Invasive

As a pet owner in the UK, you would be aware pet microchipping has become a legal requirement. The ‘Microchipping of Dogs’ Act was proposed in the UK in 2015 after the demand of DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) regarding the implementation of pet microchipping gained a lot of support. As per this law,

Pet owners in Wales, Scotland, and England are required to microchip their dogs over the age of 8 weeks.

This rule also applies to Stafford.

Witnessing the success of dog microchipping, cat microchipping also became a legal requirement in the UK. In 2024, it was announced that all pet owners are required to microchip their cats over 21 days.

Micropet is the #1 trusted destination for safe, quick, and at-home microchipping services in Stafford. We provide minimally invasive mobile dog, cat, and rabbit microchipping.

Microchip: A Trusted Choice for Microchipping Your Pet in Stafford

In this fast-paced, dynamic world, finding a reliable pet microchipping provider may get stressful for you. On top of that, then you have to make appointments to get your pet microchipped. Instead of stepping into this stressful and chaotic process, contact Micropet directly. With years of experience, Micropet is a leading source of mobile pet microchipping services in Stafford. Our highly skilled professionals will microchip your lovely pets in the comfort of their own place.

Following are the valid reasons why you should choose Micropet’s in-home microchipping services in Stafford.

Convenience: Our in-home service means you don’t have to travel to a clinic. Our professionals will come to you, making the microchipping process much easier and more comfortable for you and your pet.

Professional Service: Our professional team is why Micropet is called the ultimate provider of microchipping services in Stafford. All team members at Micropet are experienced and certified technicians who are trained to handle pets with care and compassion.

Peace of Mind: A microchip greatly increases the chances of a lost pet being returned to its owner. Our high-quality microchips are registered with national databases, providing a reliable way to reunite with your pet if they ever go missing.

Customer Support: For Micropet, ultimate customer satisfaction is everything, as it motivates us to do better next time. Our team provides ongoing support and professional guidance on how to register and maintain your pet’s microchip information.

How Does It Work?

Take a sneak peek at how our microchipping services in Stafford work.

Schedule an Appointment: Contact us to book a convenient time for our team to visit your home. Also, make sure to update us on which pet (either dog, cat, or rabbit) you’re contacting us about.

In-Home Service: Our team will arrive at your home at the suggested time. Firstly, we will explain the process. After making your pet comfortable, our technician will gently implant the microchip under your pet’s skin (usually around the shoulder area).

Registration: We will assist you in registering the microchip with a national pet recovery database, ensuring your contact information is linked to your pet’s unique ID.

Follow-Up: At last, our team will provide follow-up support to answer any questions and ensure the microchip information remains up-to-date.

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Pet microchipping offers a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, microchips significantly increase the likelihood of reuniting lost pets with their owners, giving them peace of mind. Second, microchips serve as a permanent form of identification that cannot be lost or removed. They are a better alternative to collars and tags. So, protect your beloved canines and kitties with the best mobile microchipping services in Stafford. Schedule your appointment with us today!