Convenient & Painless Microchipping - Right at Your Doorstep!

Peace of Mind for Colchester Pet Owners

Our beloved pet is a cherished member of our family. They greet us at the door with a wagging tail after a long day and sometimes a comforting snuggles on the couch on a crisp Colchester evening. The thought of losing them is simply unimaginable.

Unfortunately, the statistics tell us a worrying story. In Colchester, hundreds of dogs, cats, and rabbits go missing yearly. While microchipping isn’t a foolproof guarantee, it is the single most effective way to ensure a happy reunion if your furry friend ever gets lost or stolen.

Think of a microchip as a tiny guardian angel implanted under your pet’s skin (about the size of a grain of rice). This painless procedure offers a permanent and reliable form of identification, unlike any collars and tags that can fall off easily. A microchip stays with your pet for life and has a unique ID number that any veterinarian or animal control officer nationwide can scan. This allows them to access your contact information and reunite you with your beloved pet quickly and safely.

We bring the Busy Colchester Pet owners the Convenience of Mobile Microchipping.

We understand! It can be difficult to fit in a veterinarian visit for your pet’s microchipping when juggling work, family, and everyday errands. At Micropet, we offer in-home services around Colchester to reduce the stress of microchipping. Put an end to your struggles cramming appointments into your hectic schedule!

Let us come to you! Whether your Colchester property is on the gorgeous coastline or right in the heart of the historic town center, our professional and courteous specialists will stop by at a time slot that you are comfortable with.  This way, you can avoid spending time traveling, and your dog won’t feel anxious in strange veterinary environments.

Your pet will have a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere throughout the quick and painless microchipping process, thanks to the experience and compassion of our professionals. They’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and answer all your questions.  Thus, relax, spend some time with your beloved pet, and let us handle the microchipping!

The simple 3-step process of Mobile Microchipping

Getting your pet microchipped in Colchester with Micropet is a breeze! Here’s a simple breakdown of the 3-step process:

Schedule Your Appointment: Schedule a time for our kind technician to come to your Colchester home.

The Microchipping Procedure: Using a specialized needle, our technician will carefully insert the microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, under your dog’s skin. This procedure is similar to getting a vaccination and causes very little discomfort.

Activation and Registration: After the microchip is implanted, it is activated and connected to your current contact information so you can be contacted if your dog is lost.

Take A Vital Step for A Safe Return of Your Beloved Pet

If your beloved dog escapes through an open gate while enjoying a sunny afternoon in your Colchester Garden, you search high and low, hoping for the best. Keeping your Colchester pet’s microchip registry up-to-date is crucial for ensuring a swift and happy reunion if lost or stolen.

Here at Micropet, we recommend reviewing and updating your pet’s microchip information at least once a year. This could be done alongside other annual pet care routines, like vaccinations or check-ups.  Keeping your information current ensures peace of mind, knowing you’ll be quickly contacted if your dog is ever found.

Remember, a microchip is your dog’s best chance of returning home safely.  Don’t let outdated information stand in the way of a happy reunion!